Have you ever found yourself in your dorm trying to study, but your crazy roommates yelling outside your not-so-very-soundproof door are making it hard to focus? Well, being roommates with Matt Solimene, I can definitely say I have been there my fair share of times. Below are my top three study spots in Shanghai to get some silence:


1984 Bookstore is a cute bookstore in Puxi. It is small but has ample room for people to sit and do work. Within the bookstore lies a small cafe where you can get a drink or a small snack which buys you a seat for as long as you want. The stone walls, paired with the full book shelves, make it feel homey and cozy, creating a nice quiet study atmosphere. There is also outdoor seating for when the weather gets warmer and you want some fresh air. This is definitely a foreigner spot so be prepared to be surrounded by other 老外s (lǎowài).

一期一会咖啡馆 Encounter Cafe

Encounter Cafe is a western, upscale, yet cozy cafe. The interior looks like an old European house with large couches and electric candle chandeliers. There are paintings on the walls and seating for studying or having a cup of coffee and chatting with friends. There is also some outside seating, but not as much as 1984 Bookstore. The cafe offers a variety of drinks and sweet treats, as well as a tasting board of cakes.  However, the prices are a bit steep as they match the upscale atmosphere created by the cafe.

Maan Coffee

Getting to Puxi can be hard sometimes. Maybe you just need a quick spot to get some work done by the dorms, or can’t afford the hour trip to Puxi because that midterm really snuck up on you. I’ve been there, and this is the best cafe in Jinqiao to get some work done. Maan Coffee is huge, so there will never be a problem finding a seat. The theme inside is interesting – to say the least. They love to find different styles of chandeliers and stick them everywhere in the cafe. There are a variety of chairs which are soft but sturdy enough to study in. The temperature in the cafe is quite random, so feel free to walk around to find the place that is the most comfortable for you. As far as food goes, I would recommend the waffles, but their smoothies are also pretty good. The only complaint I have is that people are allowed to smoke inside. Most of the time people don’t, but every once in a while someone will. If it bothers you though,t you can always ask the waiter to tell them to put it out.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of where to go, there are a lot of cafes within Shanghai to see and explore. On Century Avenue has also written about Cafes in Shanghai before, so here is the link to 5 more great study spots: