This article’s personal experience does not necessarily apply to everyone. In the event of a medical problem or emergency, the following guidelines should be followed: 

  • In an emergency:
    • Call the campus security; available 24/7: 021-2059 5500
    • Campus security is linked to every department of NYU Shanghai. If you tell them about your situation, they will transfer the call to experts that can help you. 
  • For other medical issues:
    • Contact your RA or visit the Student Health Center (SHC) at the Academic Building (Room 605 | Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM)

*The doctors at the Student Health Center are capable of providing help for most medical conditions. If not, the Student Health Center will help students get their guarantee of payment and find a hospital in the network.

My personal experience does may not apply to the majority of students because: 

  1. I speak Chinese fluently.
    1. I felt comfortable in the hospital environment as I could communicate with the staff. It can be extremely confusing for students who cannot. Instead, they should visit the Student Health Center and get assistance to guide them through the process.
  2. My symptoms came furiously; I did not have time to go to the Academic Building to seek help.
    1. Going straight to the hospital as I did is perhaps not the most appropriate option. In a medical emergency, campus security could be contacted immediately. 
    2. **In regular medical conditions, students can stop by the Student Health Center (Room 605 Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM). The medical team in the Student Health Center will diagnose students right away. If a student needs to go to the hospital, the Student Health Center will help students through the process.
  3. I did not have a fever.
    1. The current COVID-19 protocols at NYU Shanghai require anyone with a fever (37.3°C or higher) to go alone to the fever clinics and take a covid test before accessing campus or care at other clinics. After receiving a negative test result, you may either choose to be treated for your illness in the fever clinic or go to another clinic for assessment and treatment. For more questions or support, students can call NYU Shanghai Public Safety (24/7) at 021-2059-5500 or call the NYU Shanghai Student Health Center at 021-2059-5353 during business hours. 
  4. I confirmed an in-network hospital and got a GOP (guarantee of payment) with them earlier.
    1. Before this, I checked with GeoBlue that Shanghai East Hospital is an in-network hospital (only in-network hospitals offer direct payment from GeoBlue. For out-of-network providers, students have to pay out of pocket first and then submit a claim for reimbursement). Additionally, I confirmed my GOP with the Shanghai East Hospital in a previous incident. I did not have to go through the entire procedure again. Usually, students call Geoblue directly via 021 2059 5370 or submit a request via the Geoblue App for a guarantee of payment.  
    2. Shanghai East Hospital helps you claim your GOP. It is important to note that some hospitals do not offer that; instead, they expect you to have the GOP before visiting them. 


Medically Necessary:

Everything that is deemed medically necessary is covered by GeoBlue (100% coverage; no out-of-pocket costs). The following image is a part of GeoBlue’s list of services that are completely covered by the insurance. 

Nevertheless, it is always recommended to get in touch with the Student Health Center’s experts for a check-up as they’re more knowledgeable about hospitals and GeoBlue. Additionally, they have more expertise in helping individuals with specific circumstances. You may either email the Student Health Center for additional information ([email protected]) or log in to GeoBlue to see what is covered to learn more.

Personal experience going to the hospital 

On the morning of October 17th, I was not feeling well, and felt sick after eating. I had already added the Wechat account of Shanghai East International Medical Center to talk about a cough symptom I had a month earlier (the Student Health Center had guided me to Shanghai East Hospital), so they had a record of my GeoBlue. 

On the same morning of October 17th, I called the hospital to let them know of my situation. Then I called a didi to the Shanghai East Hospital on(上海市东方医院), 150 Jimo Road, Pudong New Area (上海市浦东新区即墨路150号). Shanghai East Hospital International Medical Center a white building with two floors that comprise the international section: 23 and 24. Shanghai East Hospital itself is a 24-hour operating hospital; floor 23 operates during the night while floor 24 operates during the day.

The entire procedure was very quick. The doctor sent me for a blood test, asked the nurse to inject pain relievers and medicines through my arm and prescribed me some medications to take home. 

The entire treatment (plus the medicine cost) was 384.05 USD, and it was completely covered by GeoBlue. 

Finally, I want to mention that GeoBlue essentially covers all illnesses, with many hospitals being conveniently located and easily accessible. For more information, feel free to visit the Student Health Center.