Ming (Milly) Yin was the first intern at NYU Shanghai in the fall of 2014. Since then, she knew that this was the right place for her to work. After the internship, she went to graduate school at Nova Southeastern University and rejoined NYU Shanghai in 2017 as a full-time New Student Programs staff.

Having a bachelor’s and a master’s degree completed in the United States, she held many leadership positions such as being a Residential Assistant and representing the Chinese Students Association. These experiences made her realize she enjoyed being the mediator who helped resolve conflicts and promote understanding between people from different backgrounds and cultures.

2018 Hangzhou Trip. Milly Yin 

What is the most enjoyable part of your role as the Study Away Specialist?

Firstly, I am happy that many NYU students from New York and Abu Dhabi chose NYU Shanghai as their first study away choice. It shows that they wanted to experience its unique culture and opportunities firsthand by studying at NYU Shanghai. This cross-cultural exchange enriches the student’s academic and personal experiences and fosters a greater understanding and appreciation between different cultures and perspectives.

As a Study Away Specialist, I enjoy seeing students fall in love with China and embrace the new and diverse experiences that NYU Shanghai has to offer. It’s always inspiring to witness students’ personal growth as they adapt to a new culture and broaden their perspectives. As a Study Away Specialist, I’m proud to be a part of this process and support students as they embark on this incredible journey.

Even though study-away students often feel like they are not a part of the university, the most important thing is that I hope that they will get to know each other through programs offered by the NYU Shanghai Study Away office and become good friends after they return to their home campus.

NYU Shanghai study-away students meet with President Andrew Hamilton. Milly Yin. 

What do you hope students will learn from your activities?

I have been hosting the Language Peer Mentor/Mentee program since 2018. The Language Peer Mentor/Mentee program is a ten-week language partnership program launched by the NYU Shanghai Study Away Programs for all students who are studying at NYU Shanghai in person including study-away students who wish to practice and improve their verbal communication skills in either Chinese or English, and other languages while looking at NYU Shanghai. The program is offered once every semester.

The program provides an excellent opportunity for cross-cultural communication. During the program, field trips and cultural events are offered. I hope students can build meaningful relationships and learn about their cultures and unique experience.

2023 Spring Suzhou Trip. Milly Yin.

Do you have any advice for students at NYU Shanghai to make the most out of their time here?

Make China your campus and travel as much as you can during your time in college!

NYU Shanghai students visited the Foreign-educated Chinese Museum in Songjiang in 2022 fall. Milly Yin.