Many students are often intimidated by a “professional” business atmosphere or doubt themselves due to a lack of experience or knowledge concerning finance. However, student organizations are exactly designed to help beginners build self confidence and understanding through a variety of activities within the EDU curriculum.

Several NYU Shanghai business clubs have become major magnets for business majors, encouraging further education in finance. TAMID Group, specifically, focuses on expanding one’s understanding of the Israeli finance industry by partaking in a variety of hands-on workshops, stock pitch and casing competitions, and attending professional speaker series.

Besides the intensive education curriculum and competitions within the semester, TAMID Group also offers an 8-week, all-expenses-paid summer fellowship program for those interested in interning at investment banks or consulting firms in Tel Aviv. A handful of NYU Shanghai students have been selected over the years to partake in this summer fellowship program and have gained critical industry insight and experiences that would otherwise be unattainable. 

But why TAMID? Why not get an internship at an esteemed company? TAMID Group can be considered the ultimate stepping stone from academics to pursuing a formal internship. If you choose the fund track, you will be placed on equity research teams pitching stocks to the global portfolio, or if you’re inclined towards the consulting track, you will gain invaluable experience interning at Israeli startups during the semester. The workshops and activities unique to TAMID aim to hone the leadership skills of emerging professionals and cultivate long lasting relationships between members. For those that may not be fully confident in their own technical skills, leadership abilities, or may simply be unsure about what they want to pursue in the future,  TAMID prepares members for careers in various fields whilst providing members with mentors and other directors for guidance. 

That being said, TAMID is looking to nurture the next generation of business leaders on campus…and that could be you! Please do not hesitate to reach out about further inquiries by contacting @tamidnyush on Instagram.