Students have been eager to return to campus the past week following the school’s three-week online hiatus to expedite the new campus’s construction. Compared to the old Century Avenue campus, which had just one building, the Qiantan campus has four loosely connected buildings and a lot more floor space. The new campus also includes upgrades to many facilities, particularly the athletics center, IMA studios, and theater. Alongside the anticipated return to campus, students and faculty were also able to enjoy a grand symphony for NYU Shanghai’s 10th anniversary, celebrating the opening of a new campus and a new era for the NYU Shanghai community. As the delayed reopening was unexpected, students share their second impression of the Qiantan campus:

Ivy-Maria Williams, class of 2025, feels “[The Campus] has improved a lot more than when we first had to go in, and now it feels more like a campus than it did before— especially since you get to see people and talk to everybody— it’s nice.” Williams also appreciates the cautionary measures that have been taken with the reopening, such as the ‘opening soon’ displays that have been put up over areas that are still being developed to ensure people do not “…get lost in a construction zone on their way to class,” an experience Williams encountered before the official reopening. Williams’s new favorite spot on campus is the main quad in the center of all the buildings, as she notes, “…it’s especially nice since it’s been sunny outside.” Williams was fortunate enough to get herself a ticket for the 10th NYU Shanghai Anniversary Celebration symphony: The Friendship of Two Cities: Shanghai— New York. When asked about her experience attending the symphony, Williams remarked, 

“The symphony was really nice because I think it brought together a lot of students… it was nice to have all the faculty and students together in a place for the same thing to just enjoy the music together, it was a kind of gratifying experience in a way—  because I’ve never gone to a symphony before.”

However, Christine Wijaya, class of 2024, thought that her second first impression “kind of felt the same, it felt more polished of course, but at the same time it felt very much that they covered up a lot of the spaces that are not built.” Wijaya had hoped that the basketball and volleyball gymnasium, a major addition to the new athletics center, would have been completed by the time students arrived and felt “it was a big part of the students’ wants.” When walking through the South Hall, Wijaya noticed “lots of empty rooms with things on the floor, cords on the floor,” and felt “[the campus] was not as completed as I wanted it to be… it’s very much not done.” Though she expressed dissatisfaction with the construction’s progress, Wijaya remarked that, “I really like the library actually, there’s so much more space than the last library in the AB.” To make up for her disappointments, she feels it would be appropriate if the school “…gave students a full map to where everything is and what’s open.” 

The opening of NYU Shanghai’s Qiantan campus has faced roadblocks that have posed quite the challenge for the NYU Shanghai community. However, as the new campus races towards completion, the NYU Shanghai community can rest assured that this major change will  only continue to progress the opportunities and experiences this unique institution offers.