It was the beginning of a nightmare that lasted at least 10 days for most students.

Thirty-nine students landed in a 10-day quarantine facility due to a COVID-infected teenager returning to Shanghai from a different province during China’s national day holiday. The boy visited two nightclubs in Found 158, causing many people (including NYU students) to be designated as “close contacts”.

Six days after visiting Found 158, NYU students’ health codes began to turn from green to red. NYU evacuated the academic building while keeping the red-code students at the school. 

 One of the quarantined NYU students, Quan Yuan, a freshman, claims she never entered the bar and was passing through Found. Sitting in class, Yuan suddenly noticed her health code turned red.

She waited with the rest of the red-code students at the academic building to be shipped to their quarantine zone, “At 3:00 AM they told me and another student we should go first… I asked them if we would all be quarantined together and they said they were uncertain about everything”. 

Sophomore Yue Fu said that after being quarantined in the dorms for 2 months last semester, the new experience was frightening. Yue was at her dorm when she realized her health code turned red “They called me and said I was a close contact but did not tell me how”. Yue was soon shipped to the quarantine hotel with and green code, however, she was released from quarantine with her code red.

What seemed to be a regular Friday taking the subway home after school, turned out to be a 10-hour isolation in the train station for NYU student Jerry Gonzales. “I was very frightened and confused… people were backing away and taking pictures of me while I was putting on the hazmat suit,” he said. Gonzales struggled with obtaining information about where he was being shipped due to the language barrier and lack of communication.

Two weeks later the NYU students were released from quarantine facilities throughout the week based on their circumstances.