Among the various clubs NYU Shanghai students can join, Women at Work is one of the only clubs with the purpose of fighting social inequality. In fact, their mission is to provide space to do so.

President Irene Lu said “the mission of our club is to provide a platform for students to discuss and educate others on gender issues in the professional workforce, to be a resource for career opportunities and networking, and to offer a chance for women to make an impact by participating in community-building, volunteer opportunities, educational events and more.”

In the spring semester, some of their events included clothing swaps to promote sustainability and space to discuss the impact in the fashion industry and their “Women In” series, panel events where professional women are invited to discuss gender in various professional fields.

Even though their name, Women at Work, suggests that the club mainly focuses on the working world, the club wants to make a difference through supporting others. Especially in light of Roe v. Wade being overturned in the United States, Women at Work want to support women. 

“The recent overturn has been difficult for several women to hear, even those that do not live in the US. The world looks to the US as a symbol of progress…and this overturning creates a terrible precedent that many of us fear will be followed,” Mahrukh Shaikh, Social Impact Assistant, said.

However, Women at Work will not be silent or dissuaded from speaking out about the issue.

Carol Su, the Social Issue Lead, said “we…hope to provide a supportive atmosphere for women who feel frustrated to talk about their feelings and empower women to keep fighting for their rights.” 

“As a club, we want to move forward by creating more content for education purposes, holding events, and provide a platform to continue our fight towards equality,” Christine Wijaya, Social Impact Lead, said.

The club does not plan on being discouraged. They hope to continue their student-led discussions and be supportive and open.