Last Friday, my friends and I attended the trash fashion show hosted by the Green Shanghai club. We arrived early, so we got to choose our seats. While waiting for the show to start, I had an opportunity to talk to designers and models about their preparations. 

The show took place on the 15th floor of the Academic Building. There were a total of 28 outfits, made from a variety of materials from disposable masks to paper bags. 

It was interesting to see how much people put their dedication and effort into their designs. I was surprised by Amira Jaques’s design as she turned a collection of Naruto cards into a skirt. However, after talking to many designers, I learned that time management is a big challenge for most of them. 

Sarah Walker, co-director of Green Shanghai and a designer, said that the fashion show took place in the midst of midterms, leading many people who originally signed up to give up on their designs even though the show had been advertised since the beginning of the fall semester. However, the show went well as it received praise and recognition from our community. 

Photo credit: Green Shanghai

Caption: Sarah Walker explains her design process during the fashion show. 

Despite challenges, Sarah and her team worked hard to make the show happen and they hoped that by presenting our community a sustainable fashion show, it proves that something that may look unimportant to us can be crafted into attractive wearables.

Photo Credit: Ambra Liu 

Caption: Professor Zeidan Rodrigo, Associate Professor of Practice in Business and Chief Sustainability Liaison, gave a speech about his recent project and importance of sustainability. 

Overall, I was impressed by the production of the Green Shanghai club and I look forward to seeing them hosting more events in the future.