“After watching the other films, we thought there was no way we would get one
of the top three prizes,” said Hezheng (Robbin) Wu, director of the winning film “Coffin.”
Despite their doubts, Robbin’s team ended up walking away with a brand new
film camera and first place title at New York University Shanghai’s fast film competition.
While all 10 films revolved around the same theme – “Again” – as well as
including an assigned object or person, they all produced 5-minute movies of drastically
different genres.
Movies like “Foggy Notion” and “Coffee” centered on everyday life, but others
took a different route, such as 3rd place winner “Memento Mori” which went down the
road of horror.
“The person we had to use was Queen Elizabeth the Second,” said Tomiris
(Tomie) Suleimenova, one of the members of the “Memento Mori” group.
“We thought that a link between ‘Again’ and the Queen was the idea of Death,”
she said when explaining why they chose to make a horror film.

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Almost two weeks before the awards ceremony, the 10 hopeful teams completed
the task of writing, filming, and editing their movies within the challenging span of 24
“The whole process was pretty smooth for us,” said teammate Kelvin Qin from
the winning group that produced “Coffin.”
“Robbin was a really good director, I would say the cooperation between the team
and our director was what made it smooth,” Qin said.
While team “Coffin” had it easy during their filming process, others didn’t have
the same relaxed atmosphere, such as “Foggy Notion,” the second place winner.
“It was chaotic,” said director Mateo Rengifo when discussing their filming
Despite the chaos, Rengifo later said “near the end, we were all in the same flow,
and the collaboration succeeded.”
While the awards event was initially supposed to occur on October 8, it was
postponed following a red code scare on campus.
However, the 24 Frame film club quickly adapted, hosting the event only five days
later and accommodating those in quarantine through Zoom video conferencing.