In celebration of NYU Shanghai’s 10th birthday, Student Government and staff coordinated activities and gave out treats to the NYU Shanghai community. 

Hosting tables both at the B1 cafeteria and the 1st floor entrances, NYU Shanghai students and staff had the opportunity to eat cupcakes, participate in raffles, and take selfies with NYU Shanghai decorations. 

Caption: Students gathering in the B1 cafeteria to eat cupcakes, watch presentations, and take selfies! 

Caption: The cupcake and free mask that were handed out in front of the B1 cafeteria.

Caption: Students waiting in line for a free water bottle and a chance to win prizes. Some of the prizes included a Qinlin pushie, a hoodie, a hat, and a cookie. 

Caption: Alex Zhang ‘24 and Tanya Matsegora ‘24 posing for a picture in front of the 10th anniversary decoration near the entrance of the academic building.