Today, NYU Shanghai held the first day of classes for the spring semester, also marking the official opening of the new Qiantan Campus.

Entering the campus for the first time, students had mixed feelings about its current condition. Cindy Li, class of 2024, stated that her first impression of the Qiantan campus was that “the new [Qiantan] campus is much bigger.”  

 Xing Yixuan, class of 2025, stated that she was disappointed with the state of the new campus. She stated “I knew it [The Qiantan Campus] was under construction but I thought it was only part of construction…but I didn’t know the campus would be such a mess.” 

Construction for the Qiantan Campus has been structured into two phases. According to an email sent out by the administration, the second phase of campus construction began today, marking the end of phase 1 which primarily focused on classrooms and study spaces. Areas B1, S2, N2, S3, E3, and E4 are primarily classrooms, with the library located on N5 and temporary spaces for other classrooms and offices located on the seventh and ninth floors. 

Moving forward into the semester, classes and the completion of unfinished areas will be happening simultaneously. Phase two has been estimated to finish on February 27th with various parts being completed on a rolling basis. In order to receive updates from school administration on the progress of the campus’s construction students will be receiving updates every one to day days through the NYU Shanghai Enterprise Account (under news and events).