On the last few days of 2022, students staying in the dorms over winter break packed all their belongings in brown boxes, loaded the moving trucks and boarded the shuttle buses headed to the new Jingyao dorms. After many delays in construction, the new dorms were finally ready to welcome their first residents.

The Jingyao dormitories offer new room layouts for students, a change from the communal style amenities previously offered. Each room and suite comes with its own bathroom, washer and dryer, and kitchen. The room types currently offered are: the standard triple, the standard double, the double in suite, the single in suite, and the premium single. The difference between the suite dormitories and the standard dormitories is that the suite has a living room. One prominent aspect of the new dormitories that has been different is the layout of the dorms being outside going from room to room, rather than within a hallway. Nathalie Brzesowsky ‘25 feels this layout is “more separate, making it difficult to go from one dorm to the next.” The new buildings also have more floors, going from 18 floors in each tower to 30 floors of living space. Brzesowsky notes that she will now “have to get used to waiting for the elevator.” Tiffany Leong, a sophomore who lived in an apartment while at Jinqiao, feels though there is a difference between the new double in suite layout and her old apartment, a change that she welcomes. “While I miss the big living room I had in Jinqiao, the suite is quite cute and spacious. It feels a lot more comfortable living with only two other roommates rather than four when living in the apartment.” 

Besides the dorms themselves, the surrounding neighborhood where the new dorms are located is quite different from the previous location. Unlike Jinqiao which was conveniently right beside two malls and a subway station, the surrounding area of Jingyao is more quiet, with other residential buildings, highways, parks, and undeveloped land. Although an adjustment from the previous location, there are some nice benefits of living in the new dorms. One such benefit is a shorter commute to areas, like Puxi, that are located on the western side of the Huangpu River. The closest subway station, which is only a ten minute walk away, is on Line 7 and allows easy transportation to areas on both sides of the river. With the closer proximity to Puxi, Brzesowsky feels that “whenever we have free time we can go explore, and it’s much more readily available to us.” 

Additionally, the new dorms are only about a seven minute shuttle ride to the campus. The closer proximity between the locations is something that Jaidyn Perry class 2025, is especially looking forward to. “When you are a student and have to study a lot,” she explains, “you are kind of forced to live dorm to bus to school to bus to dorm, which gets very tiring.” She continues, “I’m glad that it’s [the new location] more similar to new York where you can just walk or bike if you want to.” For students who were not fond of the 20 minute commute on the shuttle everyday, the proximity of the new facilities is a nice change. 

With the advent of a new year comes a major change for NYU Shanghai students. With a new campus, new location, and new dorms, there is much to be and to be seen within the next coming months. Students should look forward to these exciting new updates, and expect a different but equally as exciting experience in the Jingyao dorms.