Solo Speaker: Yiheng Guo

Good afternoon, this is Magnolia on Mic. My name is Yiheng Guo. Today I’m going to focus on the men’s basketball and women’s basketball game in the Qilin Cup. So, the thing that stood out to me was the coach experimented with different rosters and different strategies in the game. For the first game, when we were playing against DKU, the coach used a very traditional roster: two guards, one small forward, one power forward, and one center.

So that was very very effective when playing against DKU, because they had a few very good shooters. They made a few three-point shots in the game, but we were able to guard them because we had a very mobile roster, and so against DKU, this traditional roster worked really well.

And when we were playing UNNC, the coach experimented with a different roster, so he used three big guys and one small forward and one guard. When we’re using three big guys, we had a great advantage in the paint area. Let me define the painted area or the paint zone first.

 The concept of the painted area or the paint zone is very intuitive. It’s a part on the court that’s painted and sometimes it’s in purple or it’s an orange. Can be in any, any color, but anyway, it’s painted and that’s a part that’s closest to the rim. It’s the part that players can score easily because they’re just closer to the rim and they can make easier shots.

Usually centers and power forwards tend to make more shots in the painted area, but sometimes very, very athletic power, very athletic, point guards and shooting guards can make a lot of shots in the painted area too. We could make shots in the painted area.. 

I noticed that the coach used  a defense strategy consistently. It was the 2 3 zone defense. It’s not very common in the NBA, actually. It’s more common in international basketball games, such as the Olympics or the Basketball World Cup. Some national teams really like to use that strategy. The two-three zone defense strategies is very effective when your opponent’s three-point shots aren’t stable.And you want to take the risk of them not being able to make threes, so that you can defend the star players better. 

What we did really well with the strategy is that we defended our paint area really well. Whenever the guards or even the centers got into our paint area, we either blocked them or made them miss their shots. Occasionally they made the shots, but it was still very tough shots. We didn’t give them any measly paint shots or any easy transitional scores. By using this 2 3 zone defense strategy, we really made sure that they couldn’t score on our paint area easily. They had to make all of these contested shots, and they had to make these contested threes. Sometimes, they had some clear three-point shots. Although they made some, it wasn’t that harmful to our whole defense.

So that was about the experiment on the player’s rosters, as well as the experiment on the defense strategies.

The other thing I want to highlight is the efforts of our guards and forwards. So they made many steals throughout the game. I just felt that whenever they were dribbling the ball, they could make sure that the ball was stuck to their hands and nobody can take it away.

They were really good at controlling turnovers. They also made sure that the opponent’s guards couldn’t dribble the ball easily. They forced many turnovers from the opponent’s guards, and they converted them into points on the other end of the court; those transition scores were a major score in our offense too.

So , that was a very effective strategy and very useful. Our guards were very athletic and very good at shooting threes and making mid-range shots. They forced turnovers, and that’s also a major reason why we won these games so easily. Speaking about our big guys, they were super good too.

They made the paint zone very secure. We didn’t lose many points in the paint zone. Also they were doing high post and low post offense. It was very effective too. They were taller than the opponent’s centers, so they had an advantage in the paint area. 

They made many shots in the paint area, they scored a lot, and,  they grabbed many rebounds – especially offensive rebounds. Those were very helpful for our offense. It also gave our guards more confidence to shoot threes, because even if they miss, sometimes you can grab the rebounds and plan a new round of offense.

So I would, I’d say our success is due to the height of our roster and the athleticism of our roster our player. They were both athletic and tall, and they also had very good dribbling skills and nobody was trying to attack the rim or just shoot the ball all on his own they were playing team ball and they were also, they were always passing the ball to the one, to the guy who’s always making shots and they were also encouraging each other never blaming one another.

And even if someone didn’t make a shot they would still pass the ball to the player and eventually the player did make a shot and, uh, yeah, they distributed the ball quite evenly. Nobody was playing, playing such a dominant role that it might hurt the team. So, the chemistry of the team was great.

And now I wanna talk a little bit about our women’s games.  In our first game against DKU we lost but it was a very close game. We almost won, and at some point both teams displayed extraordinary skills. I remember some team members made some very hard three point shots.

There were contested three point shots. DKU players didn’t imagine that those shots would fall, but they did. And we had a very high free throw percentage. I think we did a really good job, and it was a very close game. We played in overtime and then they decided to use free throws to decide who would win.

Those free throw shots were very close too. Both teams made a few, lost a few. There was a lot of pressure, but in the end, DKU made one more shot. I’m not very sure, but I think they made one more shot than us. So they won, but I’m very proud of our women’s team members.

They did a great job, and yeah, very proud of them. I think the coaches strategies and experiments on the team roster were very intriguing and very fascinating to me. I think, uh, it’s, it’s always good to experiment with new rosters and new strategies instead of staying on 2- 1  at all times.

Because you play against different teams , they have different kinds of players, uh, they’re good at, some, some are very tall, some are not that tall, some, uh, maybe, , Mainly three point, uh, three point games. Some like to attack the rim, so you need to put different players on the court. And you need to use, , different strategies.

We use the two three zone defense strategy consistently. I’m not sure, but when we’re playing against other teams,  if they can shoot the threes. If they’re very good at three point shots, maybe the coach will change the strategy and choose, uh, to use a one on one defense.

That’s just my assumption. I’m not really sure about that. But I think the main idea is that when you face different opponents, you use different game strategies ans you let different players play. And that’s very effective in basketball. Also I noticed that the coach gave our substitute players some time to play too.

I think most of the players had a chance to play in the Qilin Cup. That was, that was very nice. Even the substitute players had a chance to contribute to the game and build a good team chemistry with the other team players.  I feel that we’re a very strong game, strong team, and I’m very confident that we will win more games in the future.

I’m very proud of our men’s basketball team and women’s basketball team, as well as our other individual players and other sports teams. Congratulations to our men’s basketball team and women’s basketball team, they did a great job. I’m looking forward to the future games!