Hello everyone. Welcome back to another episode of Magnolia on Mic and this will be our like kind of end of semester celebration in a way because this will be the last episode that comes out this semester until the summer episodes start coming out. So, yeah, today we kind of wanted to do something a little bit more fun and we’re going to give you guys some of our summer music recommendations.

So each of us has come up with three songs to share with you guys, um, that we think you would enjoy listening to this summer. Um, hopefully we can provide a little bit of the soundtrack to your summer, this summer. So, yeah, I will let the rest of the people here introduce themselves. I’m Reace hi, I’m Henry.

Okay, so who wants to start first? Because I feel like it should not be me. 


Um, yeah, I’ll go ahead. Okay, so the first song I really wanna talk about is eventually by Tame Impala.

I’ll stand by it and say It. I strongly believe eventually is one of the best Tame Impala songs. Everything about it is so good. It’s definitely such a fun song for the summer, even though it covers such a sad topic. I also think it is one of Kevin Parker’s best songs of all time. I think it is the best.

Kevin Parker Tame Impala song. Of all the time. It’s just such a fun song. The craftsmanship and musicianship behind it is so fun and, um, you know, it’s a song. I even listened to it on my way to this recording session. The next song that I wanna talk about is from an artist who’s really on the up and up.

She just finished playing at Coachella she got really pocketer after her boiler room set. And it’s Baiana by Nia archives.

The song is really kind of taking back jungle and it’s really kind of putting jungle back into the mainstream. Jungle is a subcategory of drum and bass music especially. It kind of crafted around things like drum beats and the  edm  break. Um, the song is really fun. It’s a very nice song for summer. It definitely can make you feel like you want to dance.

And to see the growth in Nia archives and the way that she’s really propelled this genre back into the mainstreams. And to see her playing Coachella  and this shows that she’s playing are so much fun and it really just shows how a musician can really propel something back into the lime light.

Lastly, I really wanna talk about one of my, uh, smaller artists I really like and can from you. Um, his first major song on a major label. Is the next song I wanna recommend and it is what we have was Real scene. Romy Grow has been insane. I’ve been following him since he had about five or 600 followers on Instagram and a couple hundred monthly listeners on Spotify.

And this song got really popular after his featured on Platos and cast our new genre of house music called Stutter House, kind of with the name, with his song being like the main kind of proponent of it. And to see him really grow into the spotlight and to watch him when he, when he had one or two songs, and now to see him grow from five or 600 Instagram followers up to two 3000.

Most recently, he played with Louis the child on their Las Vegas residency and to see how Instagram and TikTok. You can really propel an artist into the limelight and into the spotlight. It was really cool. It’s really rewarding to see him go and I’m really, really proud to say that I’ve kind of been on the train of watching him reach these new heights and become the producer that he is.


Yeah, I guess I can go. Um, so these are mainly the songs that I’ve listened to over like the past few months. Um, a few of them are mainstream, I believe. So my first one is a Chinese song, uh,  真的没喝多 by B2S and Koala.

So this song is kind of one that I found on Instagram, just kind of scrolling through reels. None of my songs really have too deep of meanings. It just kind of gives me good feelings, and if I feel a certain way, when I listen to it, I add it to my playlist of just random, jumbled international songs. Um, all genres, no specific order to anything.

Um, so yeah, this one just kind of gives me good party vibes, gets me pumped up for maybe, um, a long day at school or helps me wind down from a long day. A nice drive. Um, so yeah, that’s one of my most listened to this month. And my second song is actually a Thai song, uh, Chay Ngay Diand I probably butchered that, but, uh, it’s by. Son Tung, MTP and Ion Onionn  

this song is kind of just an upbeat r and b slash hip hop, a little bit of rap, um, as they do have their rapper, uh, collaboration in there. It’s just a song that I, even though I don’t know any tie. I know almost any word within context of the song and with the beat and everything. Um, they are more popular in Thailand than they are internationally.

Um, so it’s kind of nice to feel like you’re part of a little niche community that nobody else really is part of Sometimes. Um, then my third one is Lacrimosa by Matt Kent and Amber Dawn,    uh, this song I also found on social media, don’t know where. Um, but it kind of just gives me like this, I’m chilling in a lake house.

Rich surrounded by a pool and it’s warm outside and I just have no worries. I can just spend all my money how I want to on a big platter of like lobster and seafood and cheese platters and I don’t have to go to work in the morning. It kind of just gives me that vibe where I just have no worries. Even though that’s not what the song is about, so I’m actually kind of sad, but it gives me that feeling of being a rich aunt that every once in a while I can just watch my nieces and nephews and then send ’em away the next day.

Um, and then I don’t really have much for like song tastes, but I do listen to a lot of, uh, name mt. Which is also Thai Joey Perp and Bakar, and 88 Rising.


Cool. Um, there are definitely a lot of songs I’ve not listened, that I’ve never heard of, so it might be interesting to like, give that a try because, uh, a lot of what I listen to is Korean Hip Hop, Korean  R&B  and K-pop, um, kind of in that area.

Um, so the songs that I’m gonna recommend. Uh, I guess are different from both Henry and Reace so the first song I have is Rising by Triple S,

and this song is, If you like new jeans and Le Sserafim I feel like you would like Triple S because it’s another like K-pop girl group. But, uh, rising, like this song specifically, it has a very, like nineties R&B , early two thousands R&B vibe, so it feels very like nostalgic, even though I was not alive during the nineties.

My older sister were, and my parents were. So I grew up around a lot of like nineties r and b music. Um, so that song is indeed a bop. Um, I don’t use that word often, but I feel like rising is indeed a very good summer song. It’s very like upbeat and it’s kind of an ear worm where the chorus just makes you wanna sing it over and over again.

Also, if you’re interested in like keeping up with K-pop groups, Triple S is a very interesting one because they’re eventually gonna have 24 members and in kind of like an NCT type style, they have different subunits that will compose the entire group. And every like two months or so, they kind of debut a new group and the audience actually gets to vote on who they think should debut.

So if you’re interested, I recommend checking it out. Um, my next song is Busted by Woods.

Woods is actually a very, like, I feel like he is relatively well known in like the K-pop and K R&B community. However, he just released an album. Um, I’m blanking on the name right now, but he, uh, kind of started playing with this kind of like pop punk vibe, which continues in this album that he just released.

And if you listen to Tabber, I feel like you would really like busted by Woods because even though the other songs on the album don’t exactly follow this style. Um, this song specifically kind of has that tabber like oh oh seven vibe. Um, so that one I would highly recommend. And then my last song is Maya by Baby Metal.

Baby Metal just released a new album called The Other One. And it is so like refreshing because they hadn’t released music in quite a while. So people were, there were a lot of assumptions of what their new music was going to be like. And on this album, um, Suzuka or otherwise known as Su Metal, she actually wrote all the lyrics for all of the songs on this album.

And you can really tell like how much she’s grown since the last, like albums that they’ve produced. So if you got into baby metal for like, kind of the cutesy kind of punk, punk, pop, punk, um, vibe, this album is a little bit more mature because Suzuka has like grown and aged. So I really enjoyed that song specifically.


Um, yeah, so those are my recommendations, but we also received recommendations from our President, Keigan Carpenter. So her first recommendation is stuntman by Tyler the Creator it’s a little bit difficult for me to elaborate on Keegan’s suggestions just because I haven’t particularly heard all of these songs.

But if you know Keigan and you know her vibe and you know her style, maybe you would also enjoy the music that she listens to. Um, and her second recommendation is Breezy by Boy Cold . This song I actually have heard before and it’s very much a. Kind of, uh, sensual I would use to describe it. Um, like Korean R&B song, it features, uh, Big Naughty and Kid Milli if you’re familiar with those names.

And it’s like, um, The vibe is kind of like you’re sitting in like a backyard on like a late summer night and you’re kind of just like chilling and vibing and like talking with friends. I feel like it’s a very good like almost background music kind of song. And then the last recommendation she gave us was Ludens by Bring Me the Horizon

 This song I have also not heard before, but I have heard some other Bring Me the Horizon songs. And even though I’m not really a medal or rock fan, I quite enjoy them. So I’d say give it a listen. Um, I think that is it for all of our recommendations. Hopefully, um, this gave you some new music to listen to if your playlist is a little dull right now.

Um, I feel like sometimes when there’s nothing new coming out, you kind of don’t know what to listen to. So hopefully, hopefully our songs gave you some like, inspiration for new things you can add to your playlist. Uh, do you guys want to say anything else? 


Yeah, I mean, thanks for listening to OMS this semester.


 Um, so thank you guys for listening to this episode. Hopefully you have a relaxing summer break and we will see you guys in the next episode. Bye-bye.


Bye bye.