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Shauna: Hello listeners, welcome back to the Magnolia on Mic podcast. My name is Shauna and I am your host for today’s episode. This is our first episode of 2023 so we’re glad to be back. Yeah and we have a guest on today’s podcast I will let them introduce themselves. 

Talitha: Hello, I am Talitha Lewis. I am in the class of 2025 and from the states, in the east coast and potentially majoring in social science and GCS.

Shauna: Cool. So today’s episode we are going to be talking about New Year’s resolutions, kind of goal setting. Since we’re going into a new year and a new semester a lot of people are setting New Year’s resolutions and kind of things they want to accomplish this semester so we’re going to be talking about that today. So Talitha, do you normally set New Year’s resolutions or I guess goals for new semesters. 

Talitha: Yeah, for most of throughout high school and I’d probably say middle school too I would set- I’d have a list of five or six New Year’s resolutions.

Shauna: Yeah

Talitha: And some of them would be about exercising and then some of them would be more so of a hobby I’d want to pick up or something like that. And so that’d be kind of what I would do. I’d write it out on a piece of paper. Didn’t actually set them this year, actually I don’t know if I set them last year either, like officially or whatever. But then usually with the start of each semester I also will like set various goals with- kinda looking forward at what classes I’m taking an then kind of a general goal of what I hope to do better that semester than I did last semester or what I hope to get from the classes that I’m taking so I kinda- two kind of different things. But…

Shauna:Yeah. I think for me probably back in high school I also used to set New Year’s resolutions. I don’t think I really kept up with any of them. I think that’s why I don’t do it now because I know if I set it I’m not going to stick to it. But for semesters, I normally set loose goals like my goal last semester was to get my GPA to a certain point. It’s there now, but it’ll be stuff like that. Like I’ll set one goal that I’d like by the end of the semester to accomplish. 

Talitha: Yeah and I think what I found with New Year’s resolutions there’s kind of like two ways to approach them. And for the longest time they would totally and utterly fail halfway through January like every other person because I would definitely have a- I remember one year it was “I want to do a two minute plank every day”. And the second I missed one day, boom, New Year’s resolution completely ruined and obviously I’m gonna miss days and somehow that would just completely kill the spirit for me. So I think it was my junior year when I actually came to the like “Oh let me take it in an approach of this is something I want to work on but it’s not something I have to do everyday.” you know that kind of numerical goal. Where even when I did set those kinds of exercise goals or whatever if I missed a day or if I messed up it was like “okay, cool” and then I would just try again tomorrow. And those seem to be actually way more impactful in a sense obviously. But the interesting thing is usually by the end of the year I never look back on my New year’s goals and I usually forget them even probably by a couple months in. So I feel like setting semester goals rather than the whole year kind of incoming to a new semester makes way more sense.

Shauna: Yeah it helps break down the activity into something that seems more manageable. Especially if you do semester by semester it kind of makes it easier for you to, I guess, see your end goal. I don’t know if that’s the right phrase to use. Yeah I think the method of kind of, like you said breaking it down, not beating yourself up over it if you miss a day or miss a couple of days, I think that’s probably better. And I don’t- and I feel like most people who set New Year’s goals, like New Year’s resolutions, they’re like “I have to do it everyday, like I can’t miss a day”. I had a friend who for her’s she- I think this was her’s last year, she took a picture, or like a one second video everyday so she could make a collage at the end. I was like “what do you do if you miss a day?” But yeah. 

Talitha: You take a two second clip then next day and then you splice it. No, ‘cause ultimately when you think about it, it’s not the point. You know, with that kind of, with that specific goal the point is to document the year in a really cool way and if you miss a day, mentally you’re like “ah” but then in terms of the final product and what you’re going to achieve with that goal

Shauna: You can’t tell

Talitha: It doesn’t affect it at all. It’s all mental, which is so ridiculous sometimes that people, as in me, would abandon their goals just because of that.

Shauna: Yeah, I mean I feel like looking back on it, it seems silly but in the moment you’re like “Oh I failed. I can’t do it.” 

Talitha: I’m even that kind of person that I’ll remember at twelve-thirty or one and then I’ll be like “oh technically it’s the next day” but then for the first couple times I’d be like “It’s okay, whatever we can do it now” but then eventually it’s just like “Oh, it’s too tiring” It’s actually very hard to do something everyday for a whole year. 

Shauna: One thing that I picked up recently, this is after we moved into the new dorms, I started journaling and hopefully I can keep it up everyday. But when I journal I write down the date and the time so it would be like, January 17th 3:35am. I like write down my note for the day but I try to make that part of my nighttime routine so I brush my teeth, wash my face and then I journal and then I go to sleep. So I feel like the only way you can do something everyday is if you incorporate it into what you already do everyday. And it doesn’t I don’t know- like working out everyday I know some people can do that, but for me I feel like that’s hard to work that into a daily routine kind of thing. I don’t know. I feel like smaller tasks are a little bit easier to incorporate and keep up with. 

Talitha: No literally. Yeah, I actually journaled everyday for the first half of fall semester my freshman year. I did it in a way, it wasn’t paragraphs it was- I literally would document my whole day through pictures, and little doodles and little notes. And it’s actually so cool to look back on, after I went home from break and then I came back, I got behind and then it just happened to stop which is unfortunate. But, I think- yeah journaling is really cool in the sense of when you look back on it you’re like- sometimes I have no memory of that ever happening. But it’s there and it happened ‘cause I wrote about it.  

Shauna: I guess another thing since we’re talking about the new semester stuff, the new campus. So we are moving into a new campus and I don’t know, I’m excited. I feel like- I’m glad it’s bigger, we’re gonna have more study spaces, a bigger library, all that jazz. Is there anything in particular you’re looking forward to seeing at the new campus, or anything like that? 

Talitha: Yeah, I think the beginning of the semester is just going to be like adjusting and finding what space you like, finding you know, what your spot will be, where you meet your friends, that kind of thing. I think more so what will be interesting is the fact that there’s gonna be even more people than there was fall semester. ‘Cause even fall semester you know a huge wave of people came. But now to know even more people are coming, even within the past couple of days I’ve run into new people that I’ve never seen before. And so I’m interested in seeing how the new campus will, like the new physical space and the new people, how that will work out. And whether now that the campus is bigger will it be like, will I run into people less often than I did at the AB? Or will it… I don’t know. Will it work out in that it feels very comfortable and it helps with the sense of community that we’re trying to build?

Shauna: Yeah ‘cause I remember at the AB, well first, I feel like you constantly run into the same people all the time because either your schedules match up or it’s just so small that you happen to run into people all the time. And I remember when the new class of first-years came in how it was so packed. It was a specific time right after the GPS lecture got out and the second floor cafe would be flooded with first-years and I was like “what is going on?” And on Fridays too ‘cause I know a lot of the first-years had Friday classes it would be just first years at the AB, I was like “interesting”. But yeah I think it’ll be cool to I guess have a little bit more space, a little bit more breathing room ‘cause I remember sometimes it was hard to find somewhere to study or to just chill in between classes, so hopefully there’s more spaces like that in the new building. I also appreciate that it’s like a five minute drive from here. 

Talitha: No literally. It’ll make coming back in between classes so much more accessible and so much more doable than it was before. ‘Cause at the old AB sometimes you would, you’d have to wait for the shuttle and then you would take twenty minutes back and then you could maybe have- be back for literally thirty minutes before you had to take the shuttle twenty minutes back ‘cause there were only specific times when you could take the shuttle. That’s the other thing,  what will the shuttle schedule be now that it’s so close? Will we still have to wait till- once every hour or will it be more frequent? 

Shauna: I’m not sure. I feel like they’ll probably have like you know how they have the morning I think it’s like the eight am, eight-fifteen to nine-ish where it’s just multiple buses I feel like they’re gonna have that one the same. And then maybe, I could see them keeping the every hour. I don’t know, I just feel like for some reason I could see them still doing that. But at least there’s bikes around the area where you could bike back if you really need to get back to the dorms or worst case scenario you could take a taxi. It’s five minutes or you could walk ‘cause it’s a thirty-ish minute walk which is a little long but doable. Yeah, I don’t know. 

Talitha: Okay, back to our topic. Is there a certain New Year’s resolution that particularly works for you that was actually kind of like impactful I guess in a sense?

Shauna: For me it’s whenever I set goals with my friends. Whenever I set a goal with my friend we normally keep to it. Once case I remember specifically, this wasn’t a New Year’s resolution but it’s something that happened over the summer with one of my best friends. We were like- do you know who Chloe Ting is? 

Talitha: Mhm

Shauna: Yeah so we were like we’re gonna do her workout challenge for a month and I’d facetime her everyday at the same time and I’d be like “Ok let’s go, it’s time to workout” and that one we actually kept but that was like again that was like a short term like a one month thing. So I feel like- I really feel like short term goals as opposed to setting a one year goal works better for me personally. I’m trying to think if there’s ever a New Year’s resolution that I’d stick to and I don’t think so. ‘Cause I feel like most of the goals I set in high school were like get good grades, lose weight, stuff like that so yeah I don’t know. 

Talitha: I think it’s about the same for me the short term goals they’re more trackable and then having the accountability that works so much better than not and trying to do something. It’s kind of like biting off more than you can chew. Do you have any goals for this semester? 

Shauna: Honestly, I don’t know. There’s a couple of things that I wanna try and figure out. I’m contemplating doing DURF. For the listeners that don’t know what DURF is, it’s the Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund and the school has a fully funded research program that you can do over the summer and I’m trying to decide if I want to do that or not. I’m trying to decide what post-undergrad school I want to go to like all of that stuff. And then I’m still trying to get my study abroad stuff together for next spring so very much my goals right now are to figure out what I’m doing ‘cause I do not know. But as far as classes I’m not particularly worried about it. I’m taking classes that I think are interesting so just- I feel like my biggest goal is try not to stress too much and to pick something. Like I need to just pick something. 

Talitha: Valid, valid. 

Shauna: I know at our school especially, they tell the underclassmen a lot “oh you have freedom to decide, you can explore” But I feel like one of the downsides of that is you explore so much that now you don’t know what to choose. ‘Cause you have to choose something before you graduate and it’s- I know what my major is. For those of our listeners who do not know I am a humanities major. But as far as what to do after I graduate I’m struggling a lot. There’s stuff I like to do but I just don’t know if it’s a good idea. I’m like “how am I gonna find a job” but that’s also a problem for another day. 

Talitha: Right, right. Yeah, so I guess it’s hard to write an actual goal in terms of- 

Shauna: Yeah

Talitha: -of figuring that out. ‘Cause like, do you think a goal needs to come with a plan? 

Shauna: Hmmm. I think in some aspect,  yes. If you’re setting a goal that means you want to achieve it and I feel like the easiest way for a person to visualize that is to set a plan. 

Talitha: How specific do your- 

Shauna: um. That’s a good question I don’t know.

Talitha: plans usually…

Shauna: Normally I am a very loose planner. Um. I do like having small manageable steps. But I like having an overhead goal and then a small manageable plan. So my plans tend to be quite detailed but the goal itself is kinda like blurry so that if I don’t hit the goal perfectly it’s still okay, or else I would stress out a lot more than I already do. ‘Cause I feel like if you set like a “I have to hit this. Make this 100 percent accurate, cannot deviate from this” it makes life so much harder. Yeah. Um, I feel like- do you have anything else to add, I guess. 

Talitha: I mean, um. I guess I’ll share going into this semester, it’s interesting. I feel like every semester being a college student feels a little less chaotic. Like I’m slowly figuring out a little more especially with my classes and how to manage and navigate them. And so, for the first year it was really just like try and get my work done, try to get things in, do the readings. And then last semester I think it started to be a little more like let’s think a little more during classes. Since I- that other part- was you know it’s still you know not perfect but it felt more- I felt better equipped to manage it. Then it- I was able to… I don’t know. Use that extra energy to try to start- but just barely. And so I’m hoping that in this- I guess my goal in this upcoming semester is to kinda more so, even more than I did before, to kinda I guess navigate my classes in a way that I can take what I learn and turn it into either usable knowledge or usable skills for planning ahead in the future in whatever either program or job that I’m gonna do. 

Shauna: ‘Cause I feel like it kinda shifts from just completing the materials, to actually engaging with the materials. Kinda the same as you, I noticed especially last semester as opposed to freshman year I kind of understood more about how what I was reading related to bigger topics or related to other things. Or the assignments I was completing how that kind of related to other people in that field or things like that. So yeah, I don’t know. I feel like I’m getting better at being a college student. Kind of understanding what I’m supposed to be getting out of it. ‘Cause I feel like first year I was just like “I just need to pass my classes” now it’s more so like yes I would still like to pass my classes but it’s more so of actually seeing how what I’m doing relates to that particular field or if I’m really interested in what I’m doing or do I like researching this topic. All of those things I’ve been thinking about a lot more as opposed to when I first started college. So I think that’s a good thing. 

Talitha: Yeah. And I feel like it’s that way for everyone to some extent and I think as a first year student it’s frustrating ‘cause it’s like “I just wanna figure this out week one so then I can just you know girlboss through” 

Shauna: But no one ever figures it out week one 

Talitha: You have to wait through the timeline and it’s finally- it’s nice that we’re finally actually progressing in this I guess timeline and the buildup of- 

Shauna: Yeah, I remember freshman year I was talking to some other people that I knew who were already in college and they were like “yeah, freshman year you’re just gonna have to struggle” and I was like “but why?, why?” I was like “I know that it’s not gonna be easy” but I felt like I was drowning first year. And now that I look back on it, it was that bad, but now it’s not. Now it’s okay. I feel like I struggled freshman year so I could not struggle now. 

Talitha: Yeah. And it’s like for me, then it makes me wonder, is there’s a system that would be better in helping or is that just gonna have to be life? And that’s just gonna have to be the way it is.

Shauna: I feel like part of it is just like that’s just the way it is. I’m trying to think if there’s anything I would have told my freshman self that would have helped me freshman year and honestly I feel like I just had to struggle through it. Like even spring semester freshman year was not as bad as fall semester freshman year. I just had to like- I feel like the advice I would give myself is just get through it. Once you get through it- it’s not that bad. 

Talitha: Yeah Don’t give up, push through.

Shauna: That’s the only thing I would be like- if there are any first years listening to this podcast, it gets better. I know everyone says that but it actually does. Once you get through that first fall semester you kind of figure out what works and what doesn’t and then you kinda keep trying things out and if you just keep going, it does get better. 

Talitha: Yeah I think that’s reflected in the goals we set. I’ve noticed for myself so, period. 

Shauna: Well I guess we will end our episode here. Thank you for listening to this week’s podcast. We will be releasing more episodes throughout the semester so hopefully you guys stay tuned. And yeah thank you Talitha for being on the podcast today and that’s it. 

Talitha and Shauna: Bye

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