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Angela Hello I’m Angela

Shauna And I’m Shauna

Angela And welcome to Magnolia On Mic, the first ever podcast of On Magnolia Square, NYU Shanghai’s student publication. 

Shauna So, some of our listeners may be wondering what On Magnolia Square is. Well, it is the rebrand of On Century Avenue also known as OCA. Now we go by OMS. So, like Angela said, we are the student run newspaper publication of NYU Shanghai. Some of our listeners may have previously been aware of our content such as the article about the Family Mart closing. 

Angela I’m so sad I never got to go to that Family Mart.

Shauna Oh yeah because you got here after.

Angela Yeah, yeah, yeah

Shauna So if our listeners are interested in reading more OMS articles they can check them out on, that is the official OMS website. All of our articles will be posted there as well as podcast episodes and transcripts.

Angela Yeah so we’re just gonna talk a little bit about who we are and why we wanted to start this podcast. 

I’m Angela, like I said at the beginning, I’m a sophomore, class of 2025. I just got to Shanghai this Fall 2022 semester and my major is most likely going to be IMB but I’m not 100 percent sure yet. And some of my hobbies are recording podcasts because I record a podcast with my friend about books, it’s called Books of a Feather. And that’s part of the reason why I wanted to do this podcast and I also like playing guitar and just making music in general. 

Shauna And my name is Shauna, hello again. I am also a sophomore. My major is humanities on the history track and my hobbies include listening to K-pop as well as Korean Hip-hop and R&B. 

So Angela, why did you want to be a part of the OMS podcast? 

Angela I wanted to be apart of this because like I said before I also do  another podcast and I just find it very fun and also I feel like as a student or like as a freshman who just got into NYU Shanghai, or like when I was still deciding between schools I feel like it would have been very helpful to have something like this where I could just listen to current students talking about their lives. I think the more casual medium and just the conversational nature of podcasts it… not only is it relaxing, entertaining, it also provides a lot of useful information that you might not have otherwise gotten from maybe reading the official descriptions on the school website. 

Shauna As for me I’m a bit different from Angela in the fact that I have no previous podcast experience 

Angela Well now you have podcast experience

Shauna My experience comes more from the voice over side of things. i ‘ve previously done voice recordings and voice over and I thought it would be really interesting to try and get back into that area in a different way. So I wanted to be apart of the Magnolia on Mic podcast and I’ve enjoyed the whole process of making it and working with Angela on coming up with episodes and recording but like Angela said I think it’s also a very good way for students and community members of NYU Shanghai to kinda get to know more of those… they call them dorm room conversions

Angela Oh 

Shauna Like those things that happen outside of class and those really interesting conversations that you can have with people around the school about a plethora of different topics.

Angela No, or like shuttle bus conversations

Shauna Yeah shuttle bus conversations

Angela That could be a segment I feel like

Shauna So, other than that… that’s what our podcast will generally cover. Things around NYU Shanghai as well as things deeper in the community that more so affect the students such as diversity in NYU Shanghai or club organizations and activities.

Angela Yeah and we are also super… wow I just forgot English

We are super open to any ideas from you guys so if you want to know more about an aspect of life at NYU Shanghai or you want to talk about a certain topic. Literally if you want to talk about something on this podcast we can make that happen so just DM us on Instagram @oms.nyush and… see this is not working anymore. We really want to have your input

Shauna Yes like Angela said if you follow the official OMS Instagram @oms.nyush we will also be posting polls and more information about the podcast so that our listeners can stay engaged. Also like we said earlier all podcast episodes and transcripts will be posted on the official OMS website which is 

Angela Yeah so check that out and thank you for listening to this inaugural episode

Shauna Yes thank you bye-bye

Angela Bye

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