The Study Away program at NYU Shanghai hosted this wonderful city exploration and cultural immersion event. Approximately 20 study-away students took a brief journey on the subway from campus to Luheng Road. Within 20 minutes, students had access to a plethora of stalls at the night market. Not only is the smell of the food enticing, but the lighting around the stalls also draws people in. The stalls offered a variety of foods ranging from savory meat skewers to refreshing pineapple snow cones. The students could also savor crepes made right in front of them, eat glass noodles with tripe, sip a refreshing assortment of teas and drinks, and enjoy delicious mini-pan fried dumplings. The sporadic rainfall did not prevent students from exploring the culture of Shanghai. A mall nearby had stunning European-style architecture and statues of historical figures. Underneath the mall’s beautiful architecture were people dressed in traditional attire and dancing gracefully to music, adding a nice final touch to the cultural experience for the study-away students.