Written by: Maylee Sexton

With the recent move from Jinqiao to Yaohua, students have been moved to an unfamiliar neighborhood, and only just started to familiarize themselves with the surroundings. Although much of Qiantan is still under development, there are plenty of restaurants that are just a kilometer away from the dorms. These restaurants are mainly located in the Crystal Plaza and the Taikoo Li shopping complex. Here are some restaurants I have found within the past month of living at the new dorms and would recommend: 

  1. Momenti, Crystal Plaza 380 Yao Ti road, floor 1 L137

This handmade-pasta restaurant offers a plethora of pasta dishes, ranging from seasonal offerings to classic dishes, such as their burrata pesto pasta, which I tried during my visit. Not only was the burrata pesto pasta fresh, its sauce was quite flavorful compared to other restaurants’ pesto pasta. The ambience of the restaurant is soothing and vibrant, with its dim-lit lighting and house plants located throughout the restaurant. The restaurant is hard to miss, located right at the main entrance of the mall. Another notable thing about this restaurant is their variety of beverages, which are reasonably priced and creative. Their lavender lemonade is a personal favorite of my friend Sam Kominowski.

  1. Xiabu Xiabu, Crystal Plaza 212 Yao Ti Road, floor 2 L227

This Japanese hotpot restaurant provides a delicious hotpot experience at a reasonable price,with meal sets starting at 70 RMB, which was personally more than enough food for me. This restaurant provides a great atmosphere for a group dining experience. Their menu offers over 5 different broth options for your meal, all flavorful and unique to Japanese cuisine, such as the Sukiyaki broth. Although the restaurant is optimized for a group dining experience, it also accommodates individuals, since each seat comes with its own hot pot set up. If you do come with a group, the single hot pot arrangement provides the added bonus of not having to fight over which broth to choose.  

  1. Lakewood Mini Tea Restaurant, Qiantan Enterprise World Plaza, first floor

This Hong Kongese restaurant offers a canteen-like experience for those looking for cheaper options. This restaurant is located near TaiKoo Li, and right next to the Sino-United Hospital. Their menu includes many classic Cantonese dishes such as sweet pork, duck, and my favorite: Hong Kong style french toast.

  1. Shake Shack, TaiKoo Li mall lane 500 Dongyu road, first floor wood L1-14 

Though the majority of our readers are probably familiar with this international burger chain, I included it because this location is partnered with the nearby Museum of Ice-Cream, offering exclusive ice cream flavors that no other Shake Shack in the world offers. The convenience of having a Shake Shack that is 10-minutes by bike from the dorms has been especially great for satisfying my burger cravings.