Since the dawn of the New Bund Campus, Magnolia House, the café on the third floor of the East building, has been our only on-campus haven for everything from espresso shots to sushi rolls. However, there’s been a mysterious development on the East building of campus–a sign for the much-anticipated Manner Coffee. Rumored since Fall 2023, this potential new spot has sparked curiosity and conversation. With no official updates to quench our caffeine addiction, I took the initiative to find out more. Reaching out to the NYUSH Facility Management team, I have gathered the details we’ve all been craving. So, fellow coffee crusader, get ready – the scoop on when Manner Coffee will open its doors is just ahead.

1. When will Manner Coffee be open? If there is no specific date, what estimated time will Manner Coffee be open?

“Around the beginning of May, depends on the government inspection process.”

April 25, 2024 Update: Manner Coffee will be open on April 26, 2024.

2. Will students have a discount if they show their NYUSH student ID?


April 25, 2024 Update: However, bringing your own cup or mug can save you 5 RMB.

3. Will there be a place to sit down in the store?

“Yes, inside the store.”

4. Can the Shanghai community access Manner Coffee or is it just for students?

“Open for all, the space has a public entrance.”

With these insights, the curtain is finally lifting on the Manner Coffee saga. Set to open soon, it promises to be more than just another coffee shop – offering seating inside and welcoming not only students but the wider Shanghai community as well. Inside of the store, Manner Coffee has currently installed three TVs and a white countertop, along with boxes of supplies. While the absence of a student discount might come as a surprise, the prospect of a new gathering spot seems to more than make up for it. As we count down the days, keep your mugs ready and your schedules open. Manner Coffee could very well become our next favorite spot for a study break or a casual meetup. See you there!