One regret I had after landing in Shanghai and going into lockdown in late March was that I never took the opportunity to explore what Shanghai had to offer when I had the chance. While I was locked down in Jinqiao I made a list of places I had to see before the summer was over, and at the top was The Bund. Being someone who is from a small town in rural Ohio, I was curious as I did not really have the opportunity to experience tourist attractions or activities like sight-seeing. 

Visiting The Bund for the first time, I got to experience something that felt infinitely larger than myself and began to understand why so many people recommend visiting. Since I visited during the night, it was especially jarring to see the vibrant lights illuminating from buildings and the reflection they cast over the Huangpu River. Traveling with a group of friends made the whole trip even more meaningful because we were able to experience this for the first time together. 

Since Shanghai is still in recovery, many restaurants and coffee shops were closed. However, this trip really motivated me to push myself out of my comfort zone.

Source: Daisy Burgain

“We took this photo as soon as we all found each other. Since some of us had taken the subway, and some of us had taken a taxi, it had taken us around 2 hours to fully find everyone.”

(Source: Keigan Carpenter) 

“I felt very free seeing such an open space, and finally being able to explore what everyone had seen talking about.” said Sophia Johnson, a freshman. “I also felt very connected with my class because this feels like an experience we can all collectively share.”

(Source: Keigan Carpenter) 

“One of the most interesting aspects of this trip was the amount of diverse architecture you could witness while standing in the same spot. It almost felt like it wasn’t real.” 

(Source: Keigan Carpenter) 

“The weather at The Bund was amazing. It was not too hot or cold, and we could walk around the majority of The Bund without getting tired. It’s really refreshing to feel the breeze, and being able to hear the sounds from the river.” 

(Source: Sophia Johnson) 

“This was a very grounding experience for me. It reminded me of why we all are here, and what we are all capable of… many people were out sightseeing as well which was very inspiring. After this photo was taken, we would be leaving in order to head back to the dorms” 

(Source: Keigan Carpenter) 

“I took this photo right before my friends and I entered a taxi to go back to the dorms. While we waited we discussed so many things we hoped to do in the following weeks, and I reflected on what this trip meant to me as a person; how being able to have this experience gave me the want to have so many more.”