About Us

Beginning as a collaboration between the NYU Shanghai Writing Department and students of NYU Shanghai’s Inaugural Class, On Magnolia Square, formerly On Century Avenue, has bloomed into a thriving daily student publication. On Magnolia Square is written, staffed, and managed entirely by a dedicated group of NYU Shanghai undergraduate students, who come from more than twelve different countries. With an interest in editorial, visual, audio, and literary works, On Magnolia Square serves not only as a news source, but also as a platform for students to publish opinions and personal works. Though rooted within NYU Shanghai, On Magnolia Square serves a bigger audience with its focus on NYU’s Global Network and the vibrant city of Shanghai.

Our Mission Statement

On Magnolia Square produces truthful, balanced, timely, and engaging news and information to better serve the community at NYU Shanghai

Code of Ethics

  1. Ethical journalism should be accurate, fair, and balanced. 
  2. All journalists conduct themselves with integrity.
  3. Journalists should be honest and orderly in gathering, reporting, and interpreting information.
  4. Journalists will not attempt to create unnecessary panic or confusion through their articles.
  5. All journalists treat their sources and colleagues with professionalism and courtesy.
  6. The highest and primary obligation of ethical journalism is to serve the community at NYU Shanghai.
  7. All journalists take responsibility for their work and attach their names to their writing completely.
  8. All opinions published reflect the journalist’s opinions and not those of the OMS publication.
  9. Non-English articles are translated to the best of our ability, and we strive to maintain the original language’s meaning and intent.
  10. We do not tolerate plagiarism and any writer caught plagiarizing will be immediately removed from the staff.
  11. We do not accept anonymous sources and attribution. All attribution must include full names of sources.

Contact Us

For general comments and questions about On Magnolia Square, you can contact the editor-in-chief and managing team at [email protected].

Instagram: @oms.nyush


To access any past articles before Fall 2022, please head to the On Century Avenue website.